Here goes all the art inspired by this comic! 


An amazing drawing of Jack and John as koalas done by argylefox

A wonderful sketch of Jack done by Mothtrap

Jack, the weird guy and  Abe Vigoda: A fantastic drawing by Jay042

A great version of John done  by GrumpyLumpy!

An amazing rendition of Jack and his loyal cow Jill by joeyballast

An awesome rendition of John and the evil-looking fortune-teller by Gaia

A very nice drawing of Jack by TheMario360



A tablet drawing of Jack by Guybrush20X6

A cute drawing of Jack and some delicious beans by Van Husk.

An awesome character bust done by gideonland

Anime Jack by alston123

A cool, surreal fanart by parkblog79
A neat drawing of Jack by harajuku_Smittle_
An amazing drawing by joeyballast of John drunk with milk.
A nice drawing of Jack by Lamelle 
Gothic Jack by youngauthor154
A nice version of Jack and John by JohnnyV
An awesome sketch of John and Jack by biffboff
A neat drawing by Tobi
A cool drawing of Jack by harajuku
A drawing of Jack and John having a rap battle with Abraham Lincoln in a tutu done by Bewareweege
A cute drawing of Jack and John by Avalollk
Jack by accrane, done in the art style of the interactive webcomic Chainbreaker, featuring Saoirse Shaa and Antonicus Gray.
An stylish version of Jack by Rulerbrain
An awesome fanart made by accrane depicting the battle of Jack and Jill against a cosmic horror, while this epic music plays in the background! 
A nice headshot of John done by apocalypticnight
Jack as a vampire strigoi by ooel.