Comic 195 - Jack wants to be the main character once again

2nd Apr 2017, 1:06 AM
Jack wants to be the main character once again
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Amalockh1 2nd Apr 2017, 1:06 AM edit delete
Poor Jack: The comic has his name, but he basically became a secondary character of his own story.
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accrane 2nd Apr 2017, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
Hmm, I'd like to see more of Jack, but I'm also up for meeting new friends, too. I vote C and D at the same time. Anarchy.
Reaper Dragon 2nd Apr 2017, 1:21 AM edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
Yeah, I like the idea of C with optional extra D on the side. Or C plus any character really. He needs company.
TheRoflDolphin 2nd Apr 2017, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
WHOA! Dis comic is awesome! It's like homestuck!

Note: If I stick around, your characters will BLUH, Strife!, and Moo like a cow and fertilize your magic beans.

Atleast BLUH!
Sam Richardson 2nd Apr 2017, 2:01 PM edit delete reply
Sam Richardson
C and D sound like a good mixture
JasonDeroga 12th Oct 2018, 2:38 AM edit delete reply
Aw, but Arthur the Giant was a cool guy! He deserved the rest on that leaf! Hope he shows up again sometime soon!

You have created some really relatable characters! It's like they're REAL!
Amalockh1 15th Oct 2018, 12:35 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, Jason!

The adventures of Jack and Arthur will continue in Part 2! This part will start with a quick summary of all the events that took place on Part 1.
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